Milan European Sofa bed

Milan European Sofa bed

SKU: E-S/60

European Spanish Mechanism Sofa Bed


The European sofa-beds offer a high-level of comfort. It can serve as an occasional sofa-bed or as a regular bed for everyday use. The front-opening mechanism allows the bed to be opened without removing the seats and backs and through rotating the backrest with one movement. The mechanism is also equipped with a bayonet basket that allows the backrests and the armrests to be fixed to the mechanism. Most models of armrests and backrests can be assembled and dismantled separately from the mechanism. The bed of the European model is made up of wooden slates to make it comfortable and lasting. Aside from sleeping on a very comfortable foam mattress, the european sofa-bed mattress measures 4” more in length than our standard sofa-beds which is closer in size to a regular bed mattress.

DIMENSIONS: 74″ X 37″ (double bed)


BACK TYPE: Attached/tight foam back

STITCHING: Double french seam

LEG STYLE: 2″ Square, available in many leg stains.

FABRIC: Available in hundreds of fabrics, pleathers, and leathers.

Available in customer’s own material (COM) or leather (COL). Available in 1, 2 or 3  seat cushions (based on size)