Care Information

Caring for your fabric
Cameo Collection recommends regular cleaning of your upholstered furniture.

  • Regularly vacuum to remove dust and dirt.
  • Occasional spot cleaning for stains depending on your fabric. Dabbing the stain without using harsh solvents with a white cloth.
  • Professional cleaning is recommended for stains that are difficult to remove.
  • See cleaning chart and codes.
  • Keep upholstery away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Wrinkling of the seats and backs are normal wear of any upholstery. Wrinkling can occur depending on fabric/leather, cushion size, density of foam, and filling. Feather down seats are meant to wrinkle naturally. We recommend flipping seats weekly to prevent wrinkling. Seat cushions can be serviced at an extra cost and refreshed with additional stuffing if necessary.

Caring for you Leather
Leather is a natural skin and it is never perfect. Leather has natural scars, scratches, shadings, textures and each hide is unique.

Leather should be kept away from natural sunlight. This will prevent leather from fading and drying.

Spills and stains should be cleaned immediately with a dry white cloth.

Lether furniture will always be upholstered with fabric under or behind the cushions to allow air to flow. Leather does not breath easily and fabric will prevent seats from being too hard or trapping air inside.

Leather should be maintained by using moisturising creams and oils. Products are available on the market for leather conditioning.